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NetAdmins provides enterprise-class IT services & tech support to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI small and mid-sized businesses. We manage every part of your IT, so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Partnering with NetAdmins is like having an entire IT support department at your disposal, whenever you need it. With a range of services including IP telephony (VoIP), email and web hosting, data back ups, paperless document management, security audits and 24-hour IT helpdesk, New Brunswick businesses can count on us as their only stop for business IT solutions.

On top of our à la carte offerings, we also provide comprehensive Managed IT Services in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & PEI—including unlimited onsite and remote IT support, so you have a constant hedge against IT disasters. Our skilled computer technicians in New Brunswick maintain your business IT systems, keeping them in top shape, and minimizing downtime.

We make sure your managed IT services in New Brunswick are stronger and more secure so your users can be more productive and focused on your core business—always at a savings to your bottom line.

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If you are a Canadian small business owner relying on your website to reach your customers, beware of criminals trying to infect your website.

Now, you might be thinking why would cyber criminals attack your business when there are plenty of big fish out there? Right, why would they? But according to Michael Lin, vice president at VeriSign, a division of Symantec, that is the very reason why you are on their hit list. Because hackers know that small businesses do not have the resources for sophisticated security measures.

There is this sophisticated and evolved criminal gang that has embarked on a malware injecting spree since early June by using a uniquely insidious type of automated attack to inject malicious code. And you won’t believe the sheer number of websites that have been affected. The number amounts to some 20,000 to 30,000 sites, and most of them belong to small businesses! And the bad guys are still on it; they are still on their task while trying to avoid detection which means more sites could be infected. Amid all this, small business owners still remain unaware of the issue and do not realize about how intently profit-minded hackers are striving to usurp their websites to run scams.

A mass injection attack begins with the bad guys obtaining the usernames and passwords for the administrator accounts of smaller websites. The logins can be purchased from data thieves or can be attained for free from hacktivist groups that publicly post stolen account data. They could also steal it for themselves. When they do, they log in as the site administrator, inject a small program, called a script, that gives them full control of the website server. The criminals then use corrupted websites to spread infections to other PCs, thereby fueling data theft as well as scams to sell fake drugs, pitch worthless antivirus protection and steal from online bank accounts. Plus, the fact that mass injection can be automated makes this issue all the more grave. Also more often than not, the owner of a hacked website doesn’t see anything suspicious and he comes to know of the malicious script only when his site appears on one of the blacklists maintained by Google, Microsoft and a handful of other entities that continually look for, and block access to, sites running malicious scripts.

Well, there are the likes of IBM’s X-Force security division constantly monitoring and blocking several thousand attacks per month and Google’s blacklist (which is used by Google Chrome, Firefox and Apple’s Safari browsers) currently blocking some 700,000 compromised sites, but once your website has been infected it will be hard work getting back to normal. Not only is it going to set you back by several thousand dollars, it is also going to be the reason behind lost business opportunities.

Of course, you can seek help form consultants and technicians for remedies but prices and quality of work vary. Another solution could be using CodeGuard’s free service that offers back up to sites and then continuously monitors for fresh infection. Should your site be compromised, CodeGuard will enable you to eradicate infections by returning the site to a known clean state. We highly recommend you use the service. You don’t want your site to host malicious codes now, do you?

Are you concerned about your overall IT security?  NetAdmins specializes in helping Canadian business eliminate the risks related to doing business in today’s online world.  Talk with us about our complete IT security services today.

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